Winter Gray

We've had a lot of gray, rainy weather lately. Everything already looks colorless, so I decided to try B&W.


C is for City Center

Chattanooga's City Center put up some new colorful banners.

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A Lonely Daffodil

This single flower has been cheering up my front stoop for the past week.

I'm linking up with Macro Monday for the first time. Hopefully this weekly meme will encourage me to work on improving my macro shots.



Nothing But Blue

We have had gloriously blue skies for about a week. What a relief after all the rain we had at the beginning of the year. However today there is freezing rain and ice. Winter.

That it not the moon in the sky, but a reflection of the sun.

Skywatch Friday


Trail Closed

The water is still high in some spots. The reason the boats from yesterday's post had been taken out of the boathouse is because they could become loose and bang around. The river is also full of lots of debris and trash that could damage the boats. When I was out taking this photo I saw an old TV washed up onshore. It is true that lots of people dump their trash and that's how it gets in the river. However, we have had several tornadoes in recent years and I think that has added to the amount of trash in the river as well.


B is for Boathouse

The recent flood led to an evacuation of most of the boats in the boathouse. The ones that were hung high enough could stay in place.

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Watery Comparison

This is the view of South Chickamauga Creek from the Riverwalk. Compare it to this view from last fall.



We've had a pretty mild winter and some of the flowers think it's time to bloom. These forsythia are on the UTC campus.



The TVA had a very busy week, controlling water levels all along the Tennessee River this week.

*The sign up top scrolled through: "Danger. Keep Back. Spilling." I liked the one that said "Spilling" the best. There are also flashing yellow lights on either side of the sign. Can you imagine being in a small boat getting caught in all that?


Gazebo Lookout

Looking through the gazebo you can see Chattanooga's most famous landmark, Lookout Mountain. We have had a  lot of clouds and rain lately. I think someone forgot to take down the Christmas ribbons on this gazebo, but they offered a little color in an otherwise gray landscape.

Skywatch Friday


For Sale: 2

Another gorgeous house for sale in the Fort Wood Historic Neighborhood. Lovely columns. Alas, these homes are a bit out of my price range. Plus, I've moved around enough for one lifetime!


A is for Architectural Exchange

Architectural Exchange is a store in town specializing in salvaged building goods. It is a treasure trove for anyone who loves authentic period building supplies. They carry everything from stained glass to light fixtures to exterior columns.

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For Sale: 1

Walking around the Fort Wood neighborhood this weekend I saw a couple of gorgeous houses for sale. Fort Wood is a historic neighborhood with most houses dating from the late 1800s or early 1900s.



My first blog entry: October 2011
City Daily Photo is celebrating the Festival of the Belly Button to look at how their photography style has changed over time. I haven't really considered what I do "photography" for very long. When I first started blogging, I just went out and snapped pictures of anything I found interesting. There was little, or no, thought about composition, lighting, texture, etc.
My daughter's boat during Head of the Hooch: November 2012
After following several other CDP blogs and admiring the photos, I decided to take a photography class at our local community college. While I still have a long way to go, I now think before snapping away.

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Metal and Brick

These metal supports run across the front of a building on Market Street. It looks as if they could have once supported a balcony or awning. Now I think they are simply decorative.


A Wet Seat

The rain drives everyone away, leaving an empty seat for anyone who doesn't mind the wet.


Jumping Back In

It's been almost two months since I posted anything on here. My flimsy excuse is that I got a new computer and in the process of moving files and programs, I simply got out of the habit. Now it's a new year and I'm jumping back into blogging.
I like all the textures in this photo, especially the rough brick wall.