Travel Tuesday

Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. Cliff Palace was built by ancient Indians in this alcove. There are several sites in the park where you can view or tour these remains. The sites were inhabited until about 1300 and then abandoned. The people who lived here farmed the mesas above.



There are several plaques on the plaza surrounding the Tennessee Aquarium that show certain years. I am not sure of their significance, but if you do leave me a comment.


W is for Water

The sun shines through the fountain at Ross's Landing.
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Travel Tuesday

It's been hard to keep up since I'm traveling right now. This was one of our stops. Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.




I think this sculpture depicts the story of Icarus, whose father made him some wax wings to escape Crete but then he flew too close to the sun and drowned.



There are several sculptures tucked away in the Bluff View art district. This one seems to be holding up the rain clouds.

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These colorful glass balls are on display in the Bluff View art district.


V is for Volkswagen

Volkswagen broke ground for a manufacturing plant in Chattanooga in 2008 and started production of the Passat in 2011 (with the 2012 model). Volkswagen's initial investment in Chattanooga was one billion dollars and that continues to grow with the success of the Passat.

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A Walk in the Woods

Gigantic horse chestnut leaves. Each leaf is as big as your head! Pretty impressive.

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U is for Under

On one of the last days of school, students enjoyed a field trip to the park to eat lunch and enjoy games of soccer, wiffle ball, and playing with this colorful parachute.

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Travel Tuesday

What'll ya have?

We went to Atlanta to pick up a few things and stopped for a hot dog at The Varsity.


Wild Mushrooms

I recently found these mushrooms in the woods. I have no idea what they are called, but love the colors.

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Place of Worship

Stained glass window in First Baptist Church on East 8th Street. Built in 1885.


June Theme Day: The Beauty of Decay

Nature versus man-made. I'd say that nature is winning here. Notice it looks like someone tried to patch the bricks to the left of the tree trunk in a perpendicular pattern before apparently giving up and just smearing on a bunch of mortar. This is a vacant building which I don't think can be saved at this point.

Today is the first of June (hard to believe!) and that means Theme Day in the City Daily Photo Community. To check out things decaying beautifully around world, click here.