On the Courthouse Lawn

This little guy is enjoying the nuts now instead of storing them up for winter.


K is for Krystal

This is my first time joining in with ABC Wednesday.  Krystal is a hamburger chain, which started in Chattanooga in 1932. Their headquarters is still in Chattanooga.
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No More

...free parking. This used to be a gravel lot that you could park in for free. Recently ground was broken to build a 100 unit apartment building with a daycare on the bottom floor. It's good to see growth, even if it means paying to park.


Paddle Boarding

This has become a very popular activity on the river here. You can stand on the bridge and watch them pass under. It looks pretty easy but I haven't tried it yet.



All three of these mushrooms are growing in my yard. That probably means something about the soil but I don't know what.


Walking Trail

This is the view I have when I make it out to walk in the evening. Glorious colors!
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...Osage Orange tree. I shared this tree a few months ago here. We had some weather a few nights ago and the tree fell over. According to the newspaper, the city is hoping to give some of the wood away for woodworking projects.


The Passage

...in daylight. A couple of days ago I shared the multi-colored Passage at night. This is a shot I took last winter when the water was turned off on the stairs.
The Passage is part of the Trail of Tears.


The Passage

The Passage is lit up at night with changing lights that illuminate the medallions on the wall and the water on the steps.


Blue Light District

I've shared this statue of Summer before here. This is the night view. There are four lights around the base that illuminate her. The only one that is not burned out is the one on her backside. Just what every girl wants--a spotlight on her rear! As I set up to take this shot a police car pulled up across the street and left its blue lights flashing. The blue illuminated her front side, creating an interesting effect.



...on the entrance to Point Park on a bright, sunny day.
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Metal Gate

This gate is in the fence around Point Park on Lookout Mountain. I like the metal pattern.


Stone Bench

This bench is at the start of the trail to Sunset Rock on Lookout Mountain


Old School

I think what I like best about Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences is that the building looks just like my elementary and junior high schools in Indiana. Those schools have long been torn-down and replaced, but CSAS is still being used as a K-12 magnet school.


Button Bush

I wasn't sure what this flower was when I saw it. According to the internet it is a button bush. What did we ever do before the internet?


Failed Attempt

This is my view on the way to work every weekday. Usually the sun is just coming up and the lake is a bright pink reflection. During the week I don't have time to stop so I got up early today to catch it. I waited and begged this big cloud to get out of the way. No such luck. This is as good as it got. Someday I'll get the sunrise on the water here. I consider it a challenge now.


Front Row Seat

...as the sun rises over the city.
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Mosaic Bench

This bench is part of an art installation created by Sherri Warner-Hunter titled "The One That Got Away". It is featured at the Tennessee Welcome Center along with the fish I shared yesterday and some other aquatic sculptures.
Our family has officially been in Chattanooga just over a year now. I thought a shot from the Welcome Center was appropriate to celebrate this milestone.



...you're in Tennessee! This funny fellow welcomes travelers to Tennessee at the Welcome Center on I-24S.


Seeing Double?

The city of Chattanooga is getting a new flag design. Our mayor thought that the city flag's design was too similar to the Tennessee state flag so it should be changed to make it less confusing. In the photo above you can see the state flag on the left and the city flag on the right. The new design will be green and blue with the city seal in the middle.


Brabson House

Before I moved to the South, I imagined everyone lived in a house like this. I have lived in Tennessee, Alabama, and South Carolina and have never met anyone who lives in a house like this. Most of the antebellum houses that are still standing serve as businesses, or in this case as a church. This is currently the site of the Church of Latter Day Saints. There is a placard in front that states that it served as General Bragg's headquarters in July 1862.
I did a little research and found an old picture of this home. It looked a lot different when it was built in 1858 by Reese Bowen Brabson. The columns were added in the 30's by David Loveman, who owned D.B Loveman's department store in downtown Chattanooga.


Historic Relief

...on the side of the Aquarium. There are several of these squares depicting the history of this area.


September Theme Day: People Watching

It's theme day again in the City Daily Photo community. This is my take on People Watching. These people were watching paddle boarders in the river below. You can check out People Watching from around the world  here or on facebook.