Choo Choo Lyrics

The lyrics and music to Chattanooga Choo Choo are displayed along a "track" in front of the Tennessee Aquarium. They are hard to see in this photo but you can  click here to read all the lyrics.

Here is a video of the song. The lyrics start at about two minutes into the video.


Tourist Season

Tourists, college students, residents, and dogs are all out enjoying downtown on foot or bike and even with a guitar.


Screen Door

Here is a close-up shot of the screen door on the abandoned house I shared yesterday. You can really see the deteriorating paint.


A Hidden Treasure

This fairy tale house is hiding behind the huge boulder you see at the left of the frame. At first I didn't even realize there was anything behind the rock, but I'm glad I took a closer look.


Mystery Item

Someone threw an old freezer out and it washed up on the shores of Harrison Bay. It is all rusted out and the edges have curled up. Interesting to photograph, but I hate litterbugs!




These fancy animals are part of the carousel at Coolidge Park.


Family Fun

Coolidge Park is full of families enjoying time together playing outside. The blue building in the background houses a carousel, which I'll share tomorrow.


A Good Dog

...at the Good Dog Restaurant. I haven't eaten here yet. I have read the reviews and half of them think it is the greatest thing ever, and the other half think it is way over-priced for a hot dog joint. Most all of them agree that the fries are excellent though. I plan on giving it a try sometime soon.


Warm Weather Sledding

People enjoying the warm weather with their make-shift cardboard sleds along the North Shore this week.



...along the river. The first time I saw paddle boards was a couple of years ago on vacation at the Outer Banks. They have become quite popular since then and can frequently be seen on the river here. It looks relaxing.


Happy Spring

Today is the first day of spring, although it's felt like summer for a while. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom and are particularly striking when planted as a border like they are here by a playground.

When you look closely you can see all kinds of bees busily at work.


Gulf Truck

This old truck was just parked on the side of the road. I liked the colors.


Place of Worship

Instead of featuring a church this week, I'm showing what is behind Christ United Methodist Church. Their Gardening for God ministry raises fresh vegetables to donate to food pantries.


Cloud Shadows

The clouds were nice and fluffy this week, occasionally turning into some short-lived thunderstorms. I especially liked the shadows they created on the city.


Bobby's Bridge

This bridge is along a walkway on Lookout Mountain.

 You can click on the image of the stone which sits next to the bridge to read the dedication.


A Nice Walk

We have had record-breaking temperatures this week, perfect for a walk along a tree lined street.


Take Your Pick

These are just a few of your options on top of Lookout Mountain.



Watching the Dam

This is another of Jim Collin's Watchers. This guy is keeping his eye on the dangerous waters behind the Chickamauga Dam.


Place of Worship

I really like the architecture of the Second Presbyterian Church on Pine Street. It was built in 1890.



This crew was making some new sidewalks and driveway in the park. They were stamping the concrete with a tool to make it look like bricks.


Restricted Area

This sign appears in Coolidge Park, where there is a carousel, an animal fountain for playing in, and a large grassy area perfect for ball games or kite flying.
The white dot is the moon.


Walnut Street Bridge

Another view of the Walnut Street bridge. The snowflake lights that were up all winter have come down, so I guess that means it really is spring now.


Skyline at Night

This is a similar view to the header.  At certain times of the year the aquarium is outlined in lights, but not last night.


White Blossoms

The Bradford pears are in full bloom. Most of them are planted near power lines or in parking lots, but I found this one in a horse pasture.


VW Bridge at Night

I showed you the bridge at Volkswagen during the day and here it is lit up at night.


Place of Worship

This is the back of Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church. I wanted to get the steeple as well as the Bradford pear blossoms, which was only possible from behind the church.



The periwinkle is blooming in the nature preserve at Enterprise South. This is a much more peaceful scene than the stormy weather we had last night. Several houses were destroyed and some people have been taken to hospitals, but thankfully no one in our area lost their life. And the sun is out this morning!


Volkswagen Bridge

This is the bridge connecting the employee parking lot to the Volkswagen plant. There was a contest to come up with the design and Auburn University had the winning entry. While their exact design wasn't used, the bridge does include several of their ideas. At night the blue outline is lit up.


March Theme Day: Electricity

Storm clouds gathering over the Tennessee Valley Authority's Chickamauga Dam on the Tennessee River.
Today is theme day in the City Daily Photo community and the theme is Electricity. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants