Red Church Door

...again. I recently posted a red church door and Cathy of St. Petersburg, FL Daily Photo informed me that Episcopalians like red church doors. I started looking around and saw this one on St. Timothy's Episcopal Church up on Signal Mountain. Now I know I'll be looking every time I drive by an Episcopalian church.


Not Quite

...ripe. But it won't be long before these raspberries are ready to be picked! I bought a gallon of strawberries at the farmer's market this weekend and the container leaked strawberry juice all over my pants as I strolled around. Lucky for me it came out in the wash. And I was able to make 8 pints of strawberry jam! Now I'm looking forward to making raspberry jam.



This quarry is at the Greenway Farm along North Chickamauga Creek. There were several people and dogs cooling off from the record heat in the cool water this weekend.


Market Street

The view along Market Street on a sunny day. In a couple of weeks the whole downtown will be packed with people enjoying Riverbend, a nine day musical festival featuring 108 acts. But on this day, it was pretty quiet.
This is my contribution to Skywatch Friday.


A Lone Sunflower

This sunflower sprouted among some bushes along Aquarium Way. I don't know if someone planted it intentionally or it's just a volunteer. Either way it made me stop and smile.



These picnic tables have seen better days. They make a nice place for the ivy to grow though.


Shady Bench

We came across this bench while we were exploring around the Big Rock. The trails are almost overgrown, but that just added to the sense of adventure!


Big Rock

My son has  been asking me repeatedly to take him to the Big Rock so he could climb it. We finally had time Saturday. This is at the bottom of Lookout Mountain in John C. Wilson Park. I couldn't find any information posted about Mr. Wilson or why the park is named for him. When I got home I looked it up and this is what I found. There aren't any goats here anymore.


Blue Rail

This rail is painted what I call "Chattanooga blue". This is the color of most of the painted metal around town. Since water plays such a big role in the town, the color makes sense.


Hello Summer!

The weather looks wonderful for outdoor activities, like a picnic at this table, today! School is out and that means it is truly summertime.



These emergency call boxes can be found along the Riverwalk. I'm not sure how often, if ever, they have been used, but it's nice to know they are there just in case. When we took a tour of the University of Tennessee- Knoxville campus, we were told that their call boxes had been used by students suffering from health problems, like asthma. So they aren't just for attacks, which is what I think of when I see them.

This is my contribution to Skywatch Friday.


Red Door

...on St. Martin's Episcopal Church on East Brainerd Road.


Some More Red

I have shared this store front before, but this is a bit of a different angle. I was going to just take the red flower pots, but couldn't resist the bright curved window as well.




Here are the metal bridge support beams. It reminds me of one of those challenge pictures where you have to see how many triangles you can find.



This is another of Jim Collins' artworks that I have shared here and here. This one is in front of the Hunter Museum.


Warehouse Row

This sign is part of a series of "red" photos I took for my photography class. Warehouse Row is downtown and offers shopping, dining, and art.
This is my contribution to Skywatch Friday.


Painted Sign

Not very many businesses still advertise with painted signs on their buildings anymore. I like it better than a billboard. Maybe because of the texture the brick adds to it.


Bike Trail

Here is one last shot from Raccoon Mountain. The natural area around the reservoir has miles of bike trails to enjoy.


View From the Top

...of Raccoon Mountain from the TVA visitor center. The last couple of days I have shared photos and information about the Raccoon Mountain Pumped-Storage Plant.You can see how high up the water has to be pumped from the river to the top of the mountain.Click here for more detailed information on how this pumped-storage facility was built and to see a diagram (at the bottom of the page) of what it looks like under the mountain. Pretty impressive!


Pumping House

I think the building to the right side of the lake is the "pumping station" for the Raccoon Mountain reservoir. The black line on the left of the reservoir shows the high water line. I don't know that much about producing electricity but I'll try to explain what they do here. Water is pumped up from the Tennessee River to the top of the mountain to fill this reservoir. They pump it up when demand for electricity is low, so it doesn't cost as much. Then when the demand goes up, they release the water through a tunnel down through the generators in the bottom of the mountain and it produces electricity. Click here for more information about this pumped-storage power plant.


Raccoon Mountain Road

There is a reservoir up on top of Raccoon Mountain and this little (one way) road goes around it. The reservoir isn't for drinking, but for producing electricity. I'll share more about it over the next few days.


A Soft Sunset

...peeks out from behind the Market Street Bridge.
This is my contribution to Skywatch Friday.



...is usually just a result of young people with too much time on their hands looking for a creative outlet. I don't know the story behind this building on Main Street, but it seems to be set aside for such a purpose.


Morning Fog

It seems almost magical when I can look out my window and see this in the morning.


May Theme Day: Bakeries

This month's theme day is bakeries. I haven't personally had anything from Niedlov's Breadworks,  but my husband has and said it was excellent.

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