These roots are growing over the concrete barrier to a small creek. The nearest tree is at least forty feet away. I wonder why the roots chose to grow over, not under, the concrete.


No. 15

I don't know the significance behind the number fifteen on this birdhouse. There are several numbered birdhouses along the river near the Chattanooga State campus.



This heron was out for a walk at the same time as me. I like the feather plume that hangs off the back of its head.


Place of Worship

I am going to start posting places of worship on Sundays. This weeks picture is the cross in front of GraceWorks Church on Lee Highway. I'm not sure how tall the cross is, but it is visible from miles away.


Say Cheese

I was walking along the river and this big fella wanted his picture taken, or else he wanted to be fed. I noticed he had a bracelet around one leg, so he must be tracked for some reason.


Spring Blooms

The flowering trees are starting to bloom. I think this is a cherry tree, but I'm just guessing.


The Water

...is flowing again. The fountains that were frozen a couple of weeks ago are running again thanks to the warmer weather. I think spring is here to stay this time.


Slug Bug

I caught this yellow Beetle while I was playing around with my camera on Market Street.


Ridgecut at Nightfall

For my photography class we were to go out and experiment with shutter speeds and apertures this week. I think this is a good start, but I can see where I have a lot of room for improvement. If you simply drive through Chattanooga on your way to somewhere else, this is the view of the city you get from I-24. The hill in the background is Lookout Mountain.


Market Street Bridge

Here is a clear view of the Market Street Bridge. The water was flowing too quickly to get a good reflection, but the sky was absolutely fabulous that day.


Bridge Pillar

I love the rough texture of the stones that make up the pillars of the Walnut Street bridge. If you look closely you can see the Market Street bridge through the tree branches.


Under the Road

If you walk down the stairs that are next to the Walnut Street pedestrian bridge you will end up underneath Riverfront Parkway. There is a little amphitheater here. If you continue to go down the stairs there is a dock, but it is marked "Private--Boat owners only."


Sheraton and a Surprise

I was concentrating on getting the reflection of the Sheraton Read House Hotel and wasn't paying attention to anything else in the picture. When I looked at it on my computer I noticed the sculpture of the man watching the little dog on the unicycle.
I'll have to go back sometime and get a better picture of this by itself. Incidentally, while I was reading up on the history of the Read House I learned that several famous people, including Winston Churchill,  stayed here. I think the statue resembles him a bit.


A Heavy Burden

This picture is from last weekend when we had freezing temperatures. We are now enjoying much milder weather. I am amazed at how much pansies can stand up to. I have had 5 inches of snow and ice covering pansies in my own yard and when it thawed they sprang right back up again. Of course the first 80 degree day we have they will turn to mush for good.


Stick Ball on Ross's Landing

Ross's Landing was the original name of Chattanooga, when it was a Cherokee trading post. Now Ross's Landing is a park along the riverfront downtown. This metal mural depicts the Native Americans playing stickball. You can enlarge the plaque below to read about how serious these games were.


Fire and Ice

This fountain featuring a fireman spraying his hose sits next to the courthouse. With the freezing temperatures this weekend, his stream of water has been turned to ice.


Heritage House

The columns on Heritage House at Heritage Park. We have seen several outside weddings taking place on this porch or surrounding grounds in warmer weather. Although the sun came out this weekend, the temperatures were in the 20s. Brrr!


Bridge Shadows

I've been looking for interesting shadows lately. I like this one of the bridge railing that I shared yesterday.


Wading Spot

When it is warmer this is my son's favorite place to wade and skip stones. With the temperatures dropping and a chance of snow flurries tonight, no one is venturing into the water right now.


Happy Barn

I usually don't approve of graffiti, but maybe this barn is just expressing itself.


Flower Wall

There is less than a week to Valentine's Day and I'm sure all the florists are very busy. This wall belongs to Humphrey's Flowers on McCallie Avenue.



These stairs lead under Riverfront Parkway, so you can cross the street without watching for traffic. Plus, you get a good workout on the stairs.



I saw these berries growing in a vacant lot downtown. I have no idea what they are, but they are so bright and cheery.


Delta Queen

This is another unique hotel in Chattanooga. The Delta Queen is moored across the river from the Tennessee Aquarium. Here is more information about the hotel.


The Dome

Here is one last look inside the lobby of the Choo Choo Hotel. Isn't this dome ceiling magnificent?


Phone Box

This old-time telephone is right inside the front entry of the Choo Choo Hotel.



These gorgeous chandeliers are in the entry of the Choo Choo Hotel.


February Theme Day: Animals

There are horse drawn carriages that give tours downtown. I had originally planned on posting a photo of one of the horses for today's Theme Day, but couldn't resist this instead. This is Dash, who rides along on the carriages. What a tough job!
Today is Animal Theme Day for the City Daily Photo community. 

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