Although they don't show up in this photo very well, there are metal rings attached to the side of this cliff. I am assuming they are there to attach rock climbing ropes to. This is Sunset Rock, where I took yesterday's photo of the sunset.


Amazing Sunset

...from Sunset Rock. I had never heard of this place before I spotted the sign and small parking area while driving around last night. There is a nice stone paved path that says it is 0.1 miles to the viewing area. It was definitely worth the walk!
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A Hot Seat

This is normally a nice place to sit and enjoy the river, but with record heat forecast for the next several days it makes more sense to stay in the shade. Or even better, in the air conditioning!


That First Step

...into the fountain is sometimes hesitant and other times it is enthusiastic.


Pink Blooms

...on a crape myrtle with the aquarium in the background.



I like this view of the pine trees with the sun hiding behind.


How Low Will They Go?

Gas prices at most local stations are at or below $3.00 now. Yippee! (I can't believe I'm excited by $3 gas.) This was a drive-by shot, hence the quality.


Wooden Pier

...at Chester Frost Park. The water looks high, but we haven't had a good rain in a couple of weeks.


From the Shore

There is a wonderful organization in town, Outdoor Chattanooga,  that offers all kinds of outdoor activities and training. For the past few weeks my kids have been taking advantage of the kayak classes, and I have watched from the shore trying to get up the nerve to try it myself. Maybe next week.



...in front of Heritage House. I took this in the evening to get the light on the front of the house, and had to wait for just the right time to avoid all the walkers and joggers. Heritage Park is quite popular, especially in the evenings. In addition to the walking track there is a playground, creek, large grassy areas, and an enclosed dog park.



...of the sky near the Happy Barn. I posted a photo of this barn before when it was wearing the title "happy". Even now that it has been painted over that is how I think of it.


Water Snake

This slithery guy was hiding in the hole of a rock, peeking looks at me. I didn't get too close, since I couldn't tell what kind of snake it is and it's always better to be safe than sorry.


Tennessee Leaf

...by Terry Allen. We were walking along and my son said, "Look at that leaf!" At first I didn't know what he was talking about because all the trees are covered in leaves right now. Then I spotted this huge leaf next to a small tree.


Day View

...of the Coke stage that I shared yesterday. This is taken from across the river, showing the back of the stage/barge. Although this was before the first concert of the day, you can see there are already some people ready to enjoy the show.
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Coke Stage

This is the main stage for Riverbend. We are right in the middle of the music festival (June 8-16) featuring all kinds of music from country to rock to Christian to R&B and everything in between and beyond. There are six stages, but the Coke stage is a huge barge with the stage portion about 30 feet up in the air so everyone on the hill can see. I didn't feel like lugging my camera around, so this is a phone photo.



This sculpture is called Ascending Path and is located right on the river. I found this site when I searched for information on the quote that goes alongside it, pictured below.



This covered pathway is in Renaissance Park. I like the way the lines curve overhead.


The View

...from Signal Point is a little obscured by the trees. The setting sun creates a soft effect on the mountains and river.


The Blinding Hour

...is that time of day when the sun is too low for the sun visor in the car to help. It's not too bad though if you happen to be sitting on the beach enjoying the nice weather while the kids play. This is Chester Frost State Park.
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Greeter Falls

Here is one last look from our trip up to Greeter Falls.


Day lilies of all colors are in full bloom right now.



...through the catalpa leaves. Actually I'm not very good with the names of trees, plants, and flowers so this might not be a catalpa tree. Each of the leaves were bigger than two of my hands and there were clusters of white flowers blooming all over it.


Smaller Fall

This is one of the smaller falls on top of the one I shared yesterday. I love the thick moss growing along the wall.


Field Trip

We drove up to Greeter Falls, which is about 80 miles north of Chattanooga. This was my favorite shot of the falls, but I am disappointed in how it turned out. I tried to get the water blurred with a long exposure, but it was too breezy for the flowers to turn out. So I set the aperture at 3.5 which blurred the water, but not the way I wanted.


June Theme Day: Tranquility

Although this is a city view I think that night fall, when people head home from work to relax, is a tranquil time of day.
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