A Shiny School

This wall on the Aquarium is covered in iridescent fish. It reminds me of the children's story, Swimmy.



House on High

These are the train tracks that I shared yesterday. Most of you figured it out or were pretty close. Today's view is on top and yesterday I was under the bridge, looking up. From the top they look the same. From below, one looks much older than the other.

 I don't know anything about railroads but I think this house is part of the RR drawbridge. My kids think it would be cool to live there. Can you imagine climbing all those stairs?


Old and New

Can you tell what this is? I'll have another view tomorrow.



The setting sun through feathery pampas grass.
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Sunset Belle

This is the Southern Belle which travels up and down the Tennessee River offering sightseeing and dining cruises. I haven't been on it yet. The one time I tried to make reservations it was closed for maintenance.


The Unofficial End of Summer

School started last Monday. The night before, our family went down for a leisurely stroll along the river. The sunset was fabulous, people were lounging on the pier, boats slowly passed, birds glided over the water. It was the kind of moment you want to last forever. But the next thing you know, it's 5:30 am and everyone is jockeying for time in the bathroom, making lunches, searching for lost shoes... And there goes summer.


Going For a Walk

...by Yuri Astapchenko. Look closely at this sculpture and you'll see something interesting. The bird on top of the woman's head is not part of the artwork, but a living bird enjoying the view! He stayed here for quite awhile before flying off. I continued on my walk and when I returned to this spot about a half hour later, there he was again.


We Are Still Here

I saw this sign a couple of weeks ago. It is just a simple yard sign, like the kind people put out advertising their politics or yard sales. But the message really struck me. The Cherokees were forced to leave this area in the 1800s and march west to Oklahoma along what is now known as the Trail of Tears. This sign must have been posted by a descendent of one of the few who escaped the harsh removal.
Here is a lengthy article about the Trail of Tears if you're interested.


Amnicola Marsh

I walked along a new section (new to me) of the Riverwalk this weekend and discovered this marsh area. I couldn't get close enough to take very good pictures of all the yellow lilies. There were information signs that tell the history of Thomas Crutchfield's antebellum estate which was located here. Amnicola is Latin for "dwelling by the river". You can read more about it here.


Tile Fish

I've shared the fish mosaics that can be found all along the Riverwalk before here and here. But I couldn't resist another. It is amazing that they are all unique designs.



Friday evening after "it come a flood"--as the saying goes--the water started evaporating back into the clouds and it looked like smoke rising from the hills. I don't know if there is a word for this phenomenon of foggy clouds, so I'm calling them fouds.


Draw Bridge

Once every quarter, the Market Street Bridge is shut down for maintenance and testing. This is the first time I have remembered to go watch it. They spend quite a bit of time climbing all over it. Two workers climbed up on the very top and then the bridge opened just a tad. Then one of those workers climbed down into the opening between the two halves of the bridge. That is not a job that I would like! You can see him in the photo below.
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Glass Bridge

I have shared this pedestrian bridge before. I like the way the aquarium is framed when you look down this walkway.
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Bridge Railing

The last couple of days I have shared the view from the Walnut Street Bridge. This is the intricate railing that runs along the bridge.


The West Side

...of Coolidge Park from the Walnut Street Bridge. Yesterday I shared the view looking from the other side of the bridge. Today you can see the animal fountain where children play, the grassy area which hosts pick-up games of football, soccer, and frisbee, and the carousel which is housed under the round blue roof with the horse weather vane.


Coolidge Park

...from the Walnut Street Bridge. This view is looking to the east side of the park. The grass is very green and the crape myrtles are very pink. I like this view of all the restaurants and shops that line the back of the park.


Local Olympics?

No, this was just the last day of Chattanooga Junior Rowing's summer camp. CJR is a rowing club for 14-18 year olds and they hold a six-week summer camp to teach the basics. Rowing is a year round sport, with competitions being held in the spring and fall and training in the summer and winter. I am learning a lot about this sport since my middle daughter has recently taken it up. That's her in the very middle of the boat.
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*I just got a job (Yay, me!) and will probably not be updating this blog as frequently. As a result I've changed the header to reflect that this is now a "Nearly Daily Photo" site.


A Hole

...in the clouds. It was just getting ready to storm out by the airport when I saw this stubborn ray burst through the clouds, like a spotlight.
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August Theme Day: Numbers

The first day of the month is theme day in the City Daily Photo community and this month's theme is "Numbers". My choice is a rather macabre one. About once a week the information boards over the interstates show how many people have been killed on Tennessee roadways so far this year. This photo was taken on July 20. Last night the number had climbed to 572.
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