Draw Bridge

Once every quarter, the Market Street Bridge is shut down for maintenance and testing. This is the first time I have remembered to go watch it. They spend quite a bit of time climbing all over it. Two workers climbed up on the very top and then the bridge opened just a tad. Then one of those workers climbed down into the opening between the two halves of the bridge. That is not a job that I would like! You can see him in the photo below.
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Amy Burzese said...

Great shots. The first one looks like two gators with mouths open.

'Tsuki said...

I like discovering Chattanooga with you.

Cathy Hudspeth said...

I can't believe there are people who do those jobs! I would never be able to do that.
Thanks for your comments and paddle boarding is a lot of fun - you need a good amount of balance, but if it gets too rough you can just stay on your knees - or even just sit kayak-style.