Place of Worship

Light shining through the steeple of Chamberlain Baptist Church caught my eye.

Happy Easter! He is risen!



Despite Mother Nature's attempts to hold off spring this year, there are signs that it is coming.

*My camera/ lens has a "jumping" problem. When I try to focus, it jumps to the right. I took it to a camera shop, but it wouldn't misbehave for them. If anyone's had this problem I'd appreciate advice on what could be causing it so I can fix it. Thanks!


Ghost Mountain

A couple of weeks ago there was a smokiness hanging over the whole city. I never did hear what it was from. At first I thought someone in my neighborhood was burning leaves, but it was too widespread for that. It made Lookout Mountain look like a ghost of a mountain, blending in with the smoke and low clouds. The setting sun added just a touch of color.

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J is for Jacobs Wholesale Paper

I didn't really know about this company, but liked the painted brick on its side that fits so nicely with the letter J. I looked them up and found that they are a supplier of industrial cleaning products.

To see other interpretations of the letter J from around the world, check out ABC Wednesday.




Just an interesting collection of stacked skids.


I is for Icy Incline

A couple of weeks ago we had a snow. It was mainly in the higher elevations, like here on the Incline Railway.

The Incline Railway is one of the big tourist attractions here in Chattanooga. It was built soon after the Civil War so that tourists could easily get to the top of Lookout Mountain to see the battlefield at the top.

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These metal toadstools are for step exercises. The directions on the opposite side show how to step up and down, although you can probably figure it out on your own.

I've been sick as a dog the past few days and haven't felt like getting up out of bed, much less exercising. Hopefully it's almost over and I'll be back to normal soon.


Moving Bridges

This is an activity that short people can do, unlike the rings I shared yesterday.  I didn't realize at first that the wheels were anything more than decoration, but my husband ran right over and and turned one and the bridge on top started to spin around. The one in the foreground is the hardest to turn. Pretty cool.


Exercise Rings

There is a new adult playground in town. These rings are part of the exercise equipment set up around the perimeter. Even if I jump I can't reach them. I guess you have to be taller than 5'2" to play here! I'll share some more of the fun and games over the next few days.

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H is for The Honest Pint

Good food, good beer, a little smoky for my taste, but a great place to meet friends for a drink after work. Lots of beautiful woodwork inside. Check out the website here.

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Snowy Holly

I posted this same holly last week. This week the berries have all fallen off or been eaten. I tried to find out what kind of holly this is, but didn't have any luck online. Perhaps it isn't even a holly, but some kind of look-a-like. Leave a comment if you have any ideas.


Snowy Vine

We had snow off and on all weekend. I guess March came in like a lion so it can go out like a lamb.

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March Theme Day: Cafe Chairs

Today is March 1, which means Theme Day in the City Daily Photo community. This month's theme is Cafe Chairs. These chairs are at Coolidge Park. They aren't really at a cafe, but cool none-the-less.

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