I is for Icy Incline

A couple of weeks ago we had a snow. It was mainly in the higher elevations, like here on the Incline Railway.

The Incline Railway is one of the big tourist attractions here in Chattanooga. It was built soon after the Civil War so that tourists could easily get to the top of Lookout Mountain to see the battlefield at the top.

Linking with ABC Wednesday.


Kcalpesh said...

Wouldn't that be one scary ride uphill? Nice capture though!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is quite an incline ~ Great shot for ABC ^_^

Amy Burzese said...

I bet that's an icy ride too.

Roger Owen Green said...

the weather in ALB has been a roller coaster
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Marleen said...

I'm sure it must be a spectacular ride, with a great view.