This looks like the only snow we'll see this winter. Only a couple of days until February, so these Christmas decorations will probably be coming down soon.



New Bikes

I posted earlier about the city putting in Bike Share stations. Here are a couple of the bikes. Very colorful!


Goat On High

A fun sculpture. I couldn't find any description on it except the name Paul Hill, who I'm assuming is the artist.


The View

The planters along the pedestrian bridge have pansies blooming in them. There are several sitting next to benches,  making it a pretty place to stop and enjoy the view of the river and downtown. I thought the homeless man made this an interesting composition.


More Medallions

This is a shot of the ceramic medallions I shared yesterday, taken from the top of the steps. I took this in the morning and you can tell the shadows are already moving in. Because this installation is between two walls it is often in the shade.


The Passage

This is a part of the Trail of Tears. There are seven ceramic discs on the wall, reflecting in the water, which represent (from bottom to top):  Weeping Eye Mask, Coiled Serpent, Strength of Life, Connections, Warrior Birds, Four Journey Directions, and Sun Circle. There is usually water running down the steps, symbolizing the tears of the Cherokee nation, but it is turned off right now.
To read more about this project and its dedication in 2005, click here.


Downtown Apartments

I really like these apartment buildings. Even though they are modern, they don't appear cold and impersonal but rather inviting. Maybe it's because of the warm colors.


Art Bus

This is a bus covered in art. The side view is better, but I happened to be behind this one at a traffic light. The sign reads:
Art in Motion is a public art project collaboration between CARTA, Public Art Chattanooga and River City Company.
This electric shuttle is wrapped in one of five original designs created by local artists. Art in Motion celebrates public art's contribution to a vibrant community and also serves as a symbol of downtown revitalization efforts that span over 25 years.
"Breath of Life" by Claire Vassort
hand-painted on silk


Crooked House

I saw this shed for sale and it reminded me of the nursery rhyme about the crooked man who lived in the crooked house.


Green Ivy

In comparison to the delicate red ivy I showed yesterday, this green ivy is very thick and hardy. It is growing on a monument at Heritage Park. I tried to find out more about the monument (grave?), but couldn't find any information.


Red Ivy

This ivy is growing on the wall of Public House restaurant on Market Street. I haven't eaten here yet. I want to try it once the weather is warm enough to sit outside on the terrace.



There was a beautiful sunrise through the trees this morning.


Hunter Museum

Here is another view of the Hunter Museum which I shared here and here.


Sunset on Volkswagen

This is not a "pretty" picture, but rather industrial. Volkswagen recently brought production to the US with this plant. They manufacture the Passat here. If you're into cars then you might know that the Passat is Motor Trend's 2012 car of the year. If you're not into cars, but watch TV, then you might have caught the little Darth Vader commercial advertising this car.


Veteran's Memorial Park

This statue is next to a plaque commemorating conscientious objectors who have served in the military without arms. The bench reads "Greater love hath no man than this/ That a man lay down his life for his country." You can read more about Veteran's Memorial Park here.


Marine Life Mosaic

Here is another mosaic. This one is on a pillar of a picnic shelter. I'm not sure what kind of marine life is depicted at top left. At first I thought it was a turtle, but then it could also be a penguin or squid.


Real Life Insurance Ad

There is an ad on TV for car insurance where a man calls his agent, crying, and she asks if he's run his car up a pole again. This scene reminds me of that ad, except the driver seems much more under control. Actually he looks as if running up poles is an everyday occurrence, judging by his posture.
I took this back in October and while the car is long gone, the pole is still at this striking angle.



Winter Wonderland

What looks like snow is actually hail. I took this picture from inside, where it was safe. Piles of ice stayed around a couple of hours before being washed away by the rain. The forecast is calling for flurries later today, so this scene may be repeated.


Illinois Monument

This is the top of the monument honoring the Illinois troops. The monument sits on Missionary Ridge where General Bragg had his headquarters during the Civil War. I don't know who this lady is, but my guess would be a Greek or Roman goddess.


Rain Cloud

Lookout Mountain looks like a volcano with this rain cloud drifting in front of it.


Welcome Home

This is a shot of the chandelier in the foyer of my new home! This week we went from a temporary apartment to owning a house. How exciting!



Gas Light

I think it is interesting that there are still gas lights around if you look for them.


St. John's Meeting Place

Located on Market Street. I like the red on the trim and the planters.


What Season Is This?

I took this photo of iris blooming along Crest Road on December 31. It is supposed to get cold this week, so maybe we will have winter after all.


Best Photo of 2011

This may not be the best photograph I took last year, but it is the most meaningful. I took this on April 27 while we were still living in Alabama. We had been hiding out in our laundry room as a massive tornado passed just south of our house. As soon as it was over, a bright light showed under the door and I grabbed my camera to snap this picture of the clearing sky. I was so happy to still be alive and know my kids were safe!

Because we didn't have power, it wasn't until the next morning that we learned just how bad the storms had been and how many people had been killed. It is still difficult to think about it.

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