Over the past two weekends there have been several proms around town and plenty of young people have been out and about in all their finery. This is my favorite shot of one of my favorite people.


Where To Go, What To Do

This colorful direction sign is at Crabtree Farm. It looks like most everything is to the right. I bought a couple of tomato plants and am going to try to grow them in my shady back yard. I love having lots of trees, but a little sun would be nice too!


Happy Birthday

The Tennessee Aquarium is celebrating opening twenty years ago today! There are lots of festivities and we will try to catch some of them tonight.


One Year Later

It has been one year since the tornadoes struck the southeast and caused so much damage, as well as killing hundreds. Along the tornadoes' paths new construction can be seen where people are rebuilding. It will take several years for the trees to come back though.
This is my contribution to Skywatch Friday.


A Light in the Night

The fountain at Coolidge Park lights up at night, making a striking subject.


Trees in Black and White

These trees are at the entrance to my neighborhood. I just wanted to see how they would look in black and white. Nice, I think.


Summer Color

The flowers around town are changing from the soft purples and yellows of winter, to brighter colors like these near the Hunter Museum.


Floating Art

This art was on display temporarily last week during the 10 x 10 festival. These creatures were anchored in the river, just off Ross's Landing, and there were more on the steps and lawn leading down to the water. I couldn't find any markers telling the artist or title.


Textile Trees

Yesterday I showed you the High Four statue all dressed up. Today are some trees that have been decorated as part of the 10x10 festival which took place in Chattanooga over the past week. I found a business card among the trees that said: Atelier 18, Olga de Klein, art works in oil and yarn.

Click here to see more information about the 10x10 festival.


High Four

This sculpture by Louise Peterson has been dressed up. More about this tomorrow.



This sunset is a few weeks old, from before the leaves came out on the trees.
This is my contribution to Skywatch Friday.


A Winding Stream

There are a lot of water features around the Aquarium. This man-made stream winds around for kids of all ages to enjoy.


Running Water in the Passage

I showed a reflection of The Passage earlier and here it is now that the water is turned on. If you want to stay dry keep to the stairs on the left of the photo, otherwise splash around on the right side. I think it is interesting that the handrails are on the dry side and there isn't anything to hold onto on the wet side.


Winter Lady

I wanted to show the Winter portion of the Four Seasons art display in downtown. Unlike Summer, Winter is clothed. I think she is dressed for a very mild winter though.


Twenty Years

The Tennessee Aquarium opened twenty years ago this month. Although our family hasn't called Chattanooga home for very long, we have heard many stories of the revitalization of the downtown area that started with the aquarium. Click here to learn more about what the Tennessee Aquarium has to offer.



The walls of the Tennessee Aquarium have this patterned texture. When it rains, the water runs down the sides in diagonal lines.


Visitor Center

The parking garage for the Chattanooga Visitors Center shines brightly at night. The little sidewalk fountains are fun for the kiddos to splash around in during the day.


Fountain at Ross's Landing

I especially like the two tiny people silhouetted on Ross's Landing, looking through the fountain arc.
This is my contribution to Skywatch Friday.


Summer Lady

There are four statues of ladies representing the four seasons located around the entrance to the Market Street bridge. The name of the combined display is Four Seasons and they are by artist Daud Akhriev. This is my favorite, Summer.


Love Birds

I am not a bird watcher but I liked the iridescent blue color of these birds, and they weren't afraid of the camera. I looked on whatbird.com and think they are tree swallows. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.


Colorful Chairs

These chairs are just waiting for someone to come along and while away the time.



This is a view of South Chickamauga Creek from the Tennessee Riverwalk. It seems rather large for a creek. In the distance you can see where it empties into the Tennessee River.


Happy Easter

I did a little research on these flowers I found growing wild along the river and think they are called Cross Vine. They get their name because the cross section of the stem shows a cross.  Happy Easter to everyone who is celebrating today!



Here is something to add to my list of things I can't do.


Mellow Mushroom

The Mellow Mushroom mascot stands outside the restaurant's downtown location. What a fun piece of art! The food is good here too.


A Riot of Color

Today is my birthday so I wanted something bright and happy to post. This little guy hangs out in the azaleas and welcomes visitors to my front door. Doesn't it look like he's wearing a party hat and shouting "Happy Birthday!"?


Half Bridge

This is half of a bridge on the aquarium plaza. You can see the chunks of concrete suspended off the end where it has "broken". I also like the bright signs advertising the River Market, which happens each Saturday on the plaza.


Curvy Bridges

The plaza in front of the aquarium is full of interesting details, like curvy bridges and broken concrete that looks like the aftereffects of an earthquake. In the summer this stream bed will be full of flowing water for the kids to play in. Yesterday it was 91 degrees (according to my car). I think it's warm enough to turn the water on now!


Chattanooga Market

The Chattanooga Market opened this past weekend and will open every Saturday from 10am-5pm through September. It is located on the plaza in front of the aquarium and has lots of homemade crafty items.


April Theme Day: Cobblestones

On the first day of each month the City Daily Photo community has a theme day. This month's theme is Cobblestones. I couldn't find any cobblestones around town, but we do have a lot of bricks and asphalt stamped in a brick pattern. This is the intersection in front of the aquarium.
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