Happy Halloween

The kiddos aren't the only ones dressed up for Halloween; the trees are decked out in rich autumn colors. This one sits next to Chickamauga Lake.


Cannon at Craven's House

The cannons that were left behind when the Confederates retreated during the Battle Above the Clouds, point north. When we visited Savannah a couple of years ago we learned that statues of soldiers face the direction of their enemy. So Confederate statues face north, Union statues face south, and Revolutionary statues face east. I wonder if the same is true with the artillery and that is why these cannons face north.


New York Monument

There are various monuments set up around town to honor the troops who served in the Civil War. This one sits atop Lookout Mountain in Point Park. It is dedicated to the New York soldiers. A plaque at the bottom has this quote: "Reunited--one country again and one country forever." President McKinley, Atlanta, Dec. 15, 1898.


The Other Half

Yesterday I showed the historic portion of the Hunter Museum of American Art. This is the contemporary building which sits next to the mansion.


The Mansion

The Hunter Museum of American Art is made up of a mansion and a contemporary building which sit side by side. This is the historic mansion.


Double Decker Bus

I didn't know we had double decker tour buses until I saw this one driving around town. You can find out more about them here.


Strolling Through the Plaza

The plaza in front of the Tennessee Aquarium. This is the most recognized building--there are actually two located next to each other-- in our skyline and it even shows up on the state driver's license.


A Little Color

The leaves are slowly starting to change as we've had a cold snap this week.



Point Park

On a sunny fall day it is difficult to imagine the conditions of the battle that was fought here in November of 1863. Over 12,000 men were killed, wounded, or missing at that time.


The End of Summer

The weather is getting ready to change and we won't see these flowers for much longer.


Twice a Day

this clock is correct. Located in the Bluff View Art District.


Eating Out

The weather has been gorgeous lately. Everyone seems to be taking advantage of it by being outside as much as possible.



Heavy Metal

by Jonathan McNair. This sculpture is in Coolidge Park and is accompanied by instructions to "pound, strike, tap, beat, ring, rap, bang, hit, ping."


Water Whimsy

The interactive fountain at Coolidge Park. In warmer weather you will find children climbing on the statues and splashing in the jets of water.


Civil War Cemetery

The Silverdale Confederate Cemetery contains 155 unmarked graves. The graves were originally marked with wooden boards, which deteriorated. In the 1920s the stone fence was built to mark the area. Today it is a quiet, grassy spot which sits between I-75 and Lee Highway.



Hang gliding off Lookout Mountain. I am not up for trying this out, but I enjoyed watching.


Public Art

Winds of Change by Cecilia Lueza. Located at the entrance to the Missionary Ridge Tunnel.