G is for Gorgeous

This is the  gorgeous sunset from Sunset Rock on Lookout Mountain.

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I'm too busy to get out and take pictures during daylight. So I've been going through some older shots. This is at Cloudland Canyon, which is just across the state line in Georgia.



These holly bushes grow long strands of berries, rather than neat little bunches. Not sure what type this is, but they're all over my backyard.

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Potter's Field

The Ruth Cofer Cemetery is where the local indigent are buried. According to the newspaper, the cemetery is supposed to be filled up before the end of this year. It has been in existence since 1933. Although it is a sad place, it is peaceful and the view is nice.

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We recently attended an indoor erging competition. Ergometers are the machines used to simulate rowing. In the competition, several rowers participate in a race. There is a big screen with boats in each lane, signifying the rowers. Their boats move according to how they are rowing. It looks like an early 1980s video game.


F is for Flower

This is one of the magnolias from last year. It will be a few more months before they are in bloom again.

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Snowy Cabin

I forgot I took this a couple of weeks ago. I think spring is on the way and we've seen the last of the snow for this year.


Chattanooga Public Library

Actually this is the entrance to Fletcher Hall on the campus of UTC. For a time, 1939-1976, this was the site of the Chattanooga Public Library.


Drawbridge Over Water

The water right below the Chickamauga Dam is quite high and rough now.


Longer Days

I can tell the days are getting longer because there is some color in the sky before work in the mornings now. It's funny that I don't notice the power lines when I'm looking at the sky on the way in the door, but in the photo they are very dominant.

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E is for Enterprise South Nature Park

E is also for the excellent opportunity to get shots of wild-life in the park. This is also where I saw wild turkeys a few days ago.

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I'm not sure of their official name, but I like the rust on these railroad stops.

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Algonquin Park Rail Car

This old railroad car sits on the tracks in Enterprise South (the industrial park where VW and Amazon are). I couldn't find any information about what is specifically being done with this car, or why it is here. When I googled the name on the side of the car, "Algonquin Park", I came across this website. If you scroll down the page, the first car on the list is the Algonquin. It looks as if it used to be used for timeshare vacations, but the website hasn't been updated for a few years.


Turkey Day?

No, this wasn't taken last fall but just the other day. There were three turkeys hanging out together. This one flashed his feathers a bit.


D is for Dam

The Chickamauga Dam is still fully opened and the water on the backside is really getting low. I especially like all the seagulls that hang out looking for a meal in the churning waters.

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Sometimes it's hard to get out to take interesting photos because what little free time I have is spent running errands. Recycling is one of those things that has to get done or it can take over the garage. I figure this is a view of a typical part of life here in Chattanooga.



Last week my class read "Snowflake Bentley" and "Snowflakes in Photographs" which inspired me during our brief snow Saturday. Mostly I failed, but I'll try again next time it snows.

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Before and After

I missed Skywatch Friday yesterday but I saw they are looking for a new host. I hope someone steps up since it is such a nice meme. Today I'm putting up two sky shots. The first is what the sky looked like through my kitchen window when I got up.
The second is a couple of hours later when we were getting "heavy" snow. Having grown up in Indiana, this seems pretty insignificant, but around here this is a major snow event.