A Colorful Place to Sit

This bench is on the porch of the Bluff View Inn's McClellan House.


Bluff Furnace

This is an art display depicting the history of the Bluff Furnace, which used to sit on this site on the Tennessee River. From what I can recall, the furnace produced pig iron with charcoal and then switched over to coke for fuel. The furnace was relatively short-lived and all but forgotten until its remains were discovered and excavated.  Click here for the story behind this installation.


Stone Path

This path lies below the Hunter Museum and leads to a few plaques that describe the Bluff Furnace, which used to sit on this site. More tomorrow on the furnace.


The Lindy Hop

...by Red Grooms, 2009. I love the energy of this piece.



...by Brower Hatcher, 1995. This is the view looking straight up through the sculpture.
Here is a full shot of the art work.
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Old School

It seems like more and more people are moving away from print books and toward devices like Kindle or Nook. I still prefer the old-fashioned kind of reading material. We have a great used book store, called McKays, where I picked up a few that I haven't read before.


Beautiful Details

...on this building at the corner of Market and Seventh have been well taken care of since it was built in 1883. You should be able to click on the image to enlarge it.



I thought this post looked interesting, so stooped to take a photo. The plaque on it says it was dedicated to the people of Chattanooga by the Fischers in 1883. It stands in front of Fischer-Evans Jewelers. I wasn't sure what had originally been on top of the post. My first guess was a lamp.

 As I continued down the street, an older gentleman approached me and wanted to tell me about the clock, pointing at the post. He said that the jewelery store had moved it out by the mall when they opened a new store. I drove around the mall looking for the store and then did some digging on the internet. This is the news story I came across. I'm not sure if the man who talked to me knew what had happened to the clock. But at least he knew it was a clock, which helped me to track down the history.

*If you don't feel like clicking on the link here's the story: A truck ran over the clock and the jewelry store is worried about liability issues if it ever fell off again and hurt someone. So the post remains topless.


The Back Row

During the weekly Nightfall concert downtown in Miller Plaza, I walked away from the main gathering and saw these two gentlemen enjoying the show from across the street.


Interesting Building

This small little building is the one where I took yesterday's reflection photo. I don't know the history, but it looks like it is currently being renovated.


Nightfall Reflection

Every Friday night in the summer there is a free concert series called Nightfall. This is a reflection of one of the closed off streets and the gathering crowd.
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Approaching Storm

I didn't do any touch up to this photo. The sky was almost split in half between light and dark. The clouds on the left had lightning in them, but none that was coming to/from the ground.
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There is a wall of bamboo along one section of the Riverwalk. If you look closely you can see how varied the colors are, from tan to white to shades of green.


Walking Companions

There was a gaggle (I think it's gaggle) of geese eating along the Riverwalk. I know they are dirty and hard to get rid of and lots of people hate them, but I always think it's interesting to watch animals in the wild simply living.



...on the Riverwalk. The Riverwalk has miles of paved trail along the Tennessee River which are wonderful for walking, running, or biking.


Backyard Trail

We have been in Michigan on vacation and my supply of Chattanooga photos has run out. So here is a shot of my backyard, where my son has cleared a trail leading into the woods. I'll get out later with my camera and hopefully have some more interesting photos up tomorrow.



...on Cameron Hill. There are a lot of cannons around Chattanooga. Some are in parks and others are in peoples' yards. This cannon is in Boynton Park, which is a small park overlooking downtown. Other than the cannons, there are some benches and Civil War plaques. It is located right next to Blue Cross Blue Shield. Here is more information on the history of the hill.


Dome Building

This is a view of the Dome Building. The cornerstone says 1891, but I read in a book that it was built in 1892 for the Chattanooga Times newspaper. Maybe it was started a year earlier.


Blue on Blue

The deepening blue sky at nightfall serves as a backdrop to the blue metal of the Walnut Street Bridge. Blue seems to be the pervading color of the last few days. Rain and cooler temperatures have replaced the record heat we were having around the Fourth.
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Flying Proudly

The Tennessee flag is flapping nicely in the breeze, but the United States flag is all twisted up. I wanted to reach up and tug it loose, but it was definitely out of arm's reach. This is the front of The Volunteer State Life Building. Tennessee is the Volunteer State so there are lots of things named after the nickname.


Gnarly Tree

I love the texture of this Osage Orange tree on the courthouse lawn.


Old and New

It isn't uncommon to see older buildings right next to newer construction. I prefer the older. It has more character. The building on the corner was built as the Elks Club in 1910. I'm not sure who occupies the space nowadays.


Old Methodist Church

A sign at this site says that this was First Methodist Church which was started in 1881 and held services here until 1967 when they merged with another church. Where the rest of the building once was is now a parking lot behind this steeple.




This is the first time I have ever attempted to take pictures of fireworks. The first picture shows the beautiful color and detail of the fireworks.
The second picture is a much longer exposure and the fireworks just appear like white blobs. But I like how the bridge and riverfront are illuminated in this shot. 
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Concert in the Park

To the left of this photo, right above the Delta Queen, you can see the Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra performing in Coolidge Park. Those dots between all the trees are people enjoying the free concert.


Independence Day

Hot dogs, burgers, watermelon, corn-on-the-cob, and sweet tea. Boating, swimming, and picnicking in the park. Spreading a blanket to watch fireworks and spelling your name in the air with sparklers. Being thankful for our freedoms, remembering those who served, having fun with those you care about the most.
I hope you all have a great Fourth!


Looking East

...from Cravens House. This is the opposite side of Lookout Mountain from Sunset Rock. Usually you can see hills rolling away into the distance. Lately it has been very hazy and you can't see very far. All those buildings are downtown and the river is visible to the extreme left, right above the tree line.


Spring House

This rock has been converted into a spring house and belongs to the house I shared yesterday. I don't know if there is actually a spring in there because I didn't get close enough to look inside. It may just be cool from the surrounding rock, like a cave.


July Theme Day: Chimneys

The first day of each month is Theme Day in the City Daily Photo community. This month's theme is Chimneys. This chimney is on a house that I have shared here and here before. It is an abandoned house located next to Cravens House on Lookout Mountain. The first time I saw it I came home and looked up the tax records on it. (As if I could seriously buy it, haha!) I found out that it is currently owned by the United States of America and the last purchase price was $360,000. I hope the National Parks Service has plans for it. It is a cute house, with a real slate roof and darling screen porches.

The City Daily Photo portal is down, so Julie in Sydney has hosted this month's theme day. Click here to see chimneys from around the world!