Gnarly Tree

I love the texture of this Osage Orange tree on the courthouse lawn.


Lady Jane said...

That tree looks like it belongs in a Walt Disney movie.

Cathy Hudspeth said...

I absolutely love photos of trees - This photo is totally amazing of an amazing tree!

--45 said...

Hey there, Meghan,
My family is currently working on a woodworking project involving the Chattanooga Osage Orange wood from this tree. We would love to use this photograph (giving proper credit to you for the photography) on the information card we will be using to tell the history of the tree.
Please let us know if this is an option.

Meghan said...

I have somewhat abandoned this blog, so don't check the comments often. Feel free to use this photo for your project if you are still interested. So glad the wood was used after the tree came down.