I thought this post looked interesting, so stooped to take a photo. The plaque on it says it was dedicated to the people of Chattanooga by the Fischers in 1883. It stands in front of Fischer-Evans Jewelers. I wasn't sure what had originally been on top of the post. My first guess was a lamp.

 As I continued down the street, an older gentleman approached me and wanted to tell me about the clock, pointing at the post. He said that the jewelery store had moved it out by the mall when they opened a new store. I drove around the mall looking for the store and then did some digging on the internet. This is the news story I came across. I'm not sure if the man who talked to me knew what had happened to the clock. But at least he knew it was a clock, which helped me to track down the history.

*If you don't feel like clicking on the link here's the story: A truck ran over the clock and the jewelry store is worried about liability issues if it ever fell off again and hurt someone. So the post remains topless.

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