I happened to see this rainbow out my kitchen window earlier in the week.
I'm switching from one computer to another and haven't been able to post as frequently, as everything has to be moved over or updated. Hopefully it will be worth it in the end, although I'm not sure I'll like Windows 8.

Skywatch Friday


Along the Edge

The Riverwalk clings to the riverbank between the Market Street and Walnut Street bridges.


Oar Detail

In the previous post I showed the many oars lined up along the river front. Each crew has their own pattern. These oars belong to Chattanooga Junior Rowing.



Each crew has their own distinctive oar pattern. This is a small section of oars lined up for the Hooch.


Hooch 2012

The Head of the Hooch is being held this weekend in Chattanooga. 2,000 boats are competing in the 5K head race. They are not all competing against each other, as there are over 80 separate races for all age groups and boat sizes.


Catching the Last Rays

Covenant College sits high in the sky, on Lookout Mountain. You can see it from miles away. I imagine the kids up there surveying all of us going about our business below as they procrastinate over completing their next assignment. At least that's probably what I would do with such a great view.

Skywatch Friday


November Theme Day: The Water's Edge

It is the first of November, which means it is Theme Day in the City Daily Photo community. This month's theme is The Water's Edge. If you look closely you can see a heron wading among the plants at the edge of the water. Watching these graceful birds is a relaxing way to end the day.

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It's a Bird, It's a Plane

...it's a witch on a motorized broomstick.
Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you get more treats than tricks!


The Best Seat in the House

...is not in the house. Actually it looks nice, but the wind has been terrible for the past three days and the temps have dropped into the 30s/50s.



South Chickamauga Creek empties into the Tennessee River in the distance.



The weather in Huntsville, AL was not very good for rowing last weekend. Notice the whitecap at the top of the photo. The University of Alabama took on too much water and went down right in front of where we happened to be sitting. The race was shortened soon after this to keep the boats out of the main channel where the water was very choppy.
I'm sharing this second photo so you can see that the boys were safely pulled from the water. This weekend we are in Oak Ridge, TN where the weather forecast is calling for 80% chance of rain and a high of 58. It should be interesting.


Through the Leaves

The red leaves were my main focus and the moon just happened to be in the shot.

Skywatch Friday



The colors are starting to change. Mostly to yellows and browns, but a few reds if you look closely.



No fancy yachts inside, just practical fishing boats for regular folks.


Morning on the River

The mist was rising off the river early Saturday in Huntsville, AL.


Whitesburg Marina

The weekends are my time to get out and take photos. Since we are in the middle of the fall rowing season, I'm going to take this blog on a couple of field trips since we won't be in town on the weekends. This is the Whitesburg Marina near Huntsville, Alabama at about 7am.


Last Year

A few days ago I shared the wood sculpture that was to be burned at the conclusion of the RiverRocks festival. We did go down to see the burn, but it never happened. It was a very windy night and I suppose it would have been too dangerous. This week I've been back at work and not had a chance to drive by the park to see if the sculpture is still there or not. This photo is last year's burn.


Flying High

There are always herons or egrets looking for their next meal around the water. I caught this one in flight. I think this is a Great Egret. Feel free to correct me.
Happy weekend!

Skywatch Friday



One of the columns on the Heritage House is not in very good shape. I don't know what causes this kind of damage or how they will fix it. It looks like there is a metal post in the middle of the column so there isn't any structural damage.


Black and Yellow

...spider. The internet says this very large spider is harmless. Still, I wouldn't want to get too close.

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Putting In

I am learning so much about rowing this year, thanks to my hard-working daughter. Today I'm sharing a series of photos of the girls putting the boat in the water. If you haven't been around these boats, it gives you an idea of their size and weight.
Getting ready to lift
Out to the water
Lowering the boat
Just add oars and rowers and they're off!
If you are interested in seeing a race, and you live anywhere near Chattanooga, the Head of the Hooch is the first weekend in November. It is the second largest regatta in the US, with 2,000 boats and roughly 9,000 rowers. As long as the weather cooperates it is a great photo op.



The Chattanooga Head Race took place this weekend. Pictured above are the Chattanooga Junior Rowing's Women's Youth Novice. This was my daughter's first regatta and it made it more exciting to have someone to cheer for.



Burning Sculpture: Before

At the conclusion of RiverRocks on Saturday, this sculpture by Andrew Nigh will be lit on fire. We were here for last year's burn and it was a colorful, exciting event with fire juggling beforehand. It is a nice sculpture even when it isn't on fire.

Skywatch Friday


Glass Blowing

I just happened upon this glass blowing studio by accident. It is right down the street from the aquarium on Broad Street. Click here for more information on Ignis Glass Studio.

By the way, Chattanooga Daily Photo turned one year old yesterday. Yay!


M is for MoonPie

Chattanooga is home to the MoonPie. If you are unfamiliar with MoonPies, they are marshmallow sandwiches covered in chocolate.

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Please Stop

...Thinking. As a first grade teacher, this isn't anything I ever tell anyone. I saw this stenciled on the sidewalk downtown. Hopefully no one is advocating stupidity. Maybe it means "go with your instincts" or "stop over-analyzing". Anyone have an interpretation to share?



Chattanooga RiverRocks Festival is happening right now. There are about 100 outdoor activities planned throughout the city over 10 days. One of the activities was the hot air balloon glow. This was going on during Wine over Water (which is also a part of the festival). There will be more of the hot air balloons next Sunday and I hope to get some closer pictures. Click on the link above to visit the festival's homepage. If you're in the area, it's a great time to visit and play outdoors!


Wine Over Water 2012

We attended Wine Over Water last night, which is a tasting event benefiting Cornerstones for Historic Preservation in Chattanooga. I am not sure of the actual attendance, but you can see from the photo that there were quite a few people. There were 46 tents set up on the Walnut Street bridge, mostly offering wine,  but a few local restaurants had food as well. Fun time!


Water Paints

The lights along the riverfront walks have been turned a pinkish red. I am guessing it is for breast cancer awareness month. Whatever the reason, they create great reflections on the water.
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New Lights

The lights on the aquarium were damaged during a hail storm earlier this year. Last night they lit up the replacements. I had hoped there would be more of the outline, but it still looks pretty good. They change colors too, from blue to purple to orange.

Skywatch Friday


L is for Lookouts

The Lookouts are our local Minor League Baseball team, affiliated with the LA Dodgers.
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Poison Ivy

Most of the trees are still green, but there are bright patches where the poison ivy has turned already.


October Theme Day: Silhouette

I cheated a bit on my entry for this month's theme day. I am using one of my vacation photos from Mackinaw City, Michigan. This is one of the fabulous sunsets we saw while we were there in July. The Mackinaw Bridge at the top of the photo is the longest suspension bridge in America and the third longest in the world.
Click here to see silhouettes from around the world.



On the Courthouse Lawn

This little guy is enjoying the nuts now instead of storing them up for winter.


K is for Krystal

This is my first time joining in with ABC Wednesday.  Krystal is a hamburger chain, which started in Chattanooga in 1932. Their headquarters is still in Chattanooga.
To see more interpretations of K click here.


No More

...free parking. This used to be a gravel lot that you could park in for free. Recently ground was broken to build a 100 unit apartment building with a daycare on the bottom floor. It's good to see growth, even if it means paying to park.