Glass Blowing

I just happened upon this glass blowing studio by accident. It is right down the street from the aquarium on Broad Street. Click here for more information on Ignis Glass Studio.

By the way, Chattanooga Daily Photo turned one year old yesterday. Yay!


Kate said...

I have an ex-student who often gives demonstrations of glass blowing with a display of the final products. Isn't it fascinating?!

Ali Crehan said...

My brother is a glass blower. It is fascinating to watch.

Happy birthday, Chattanooga Daily Photo!

Julie said...

One year old, eh? You realise what an achievement this is, Meghan. Most blogs fail in the first 12 months, especially blogs that feel obliged to post each day.

Good. On. You.

Ed said...

Happy Anniversary, Meghan. I look forward to seeing more and learning more about Chattanooga through your fine photos in the coming year. Thanks for your kind words as well, on my blog!