Putting In

I am learning so much about rowing this year, thanks to my hard-working daughter. Today I'm sharing a series of photos of the girls putting the boat in the water. If you haven't been around these boats, it gives you an idea of their size and weight.
Getting ready to lift
Out to the water
Lowering the boat
Just add oars and rowers and they're off!
If you are interested in seeing a race, and you live anywhere near Chattanooga, the Head of the Hooch is the first weekend in November. It is the second largest regatta in the US, with 2,000 boats and roughly 9,000 rowers. As long as the weather cooperates it is a great photo op.


Lorelle said...

Looks like a lot of amazing dedication by those girls. Good luck on race day for your daughter!

Janet said...

Rowing the river! Good luck to your daughter and her team.