Georgia in Chattanooga?

I read an interesting article in the paper Monday that outlined the history of some of the property in downtown Chattanooga. Georgia used to own a big chunk of the downtown area, including the building where the Pickle Barrel is.




Rising Sun

...meets rising mist off the water. This is the view most mornings as the sun is coming up.

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One More

This is the last shot from Bug-a-Palüza that I'll share for now. I would love to have one of these old buses. Especially in such good shape.



I like a little rust on an older car. It seems to add character.



I found this cheerful yellow among the many cars on display this weekend at Bug-a-Palüza.



After a short break (too much going on at work!) I'm jumping back into this blog with some photos from Bug-a-Palüza. This event started in 1999 and you can read more about it here. VW Bugs are such happy cars!


M is for Market Street Bridge

Market Street crosses the Tennessee River, linking downtown to the North Shore. The building to the right of the bridge is the Tennessee Aquarium.

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Curvy Construction

This new building is going up across from the Hunter Museum. If I remember correctly there will be apartments upstairs and businesses down, including a daycare that is currently housed next door.


Colorful Run

The Color Me Chattanooga Run was this past weekend. This is a local run benefiting people with disabilities. Lots of tutus and colorful attire!


Time to Get Outside

The weather is finally cooperating for outdoor recreation. Looks like these people are ready for fun on land and water.


Metal Flames

Ross's Landing is lined with columns topped with these metal bowls. (See the header for a view from across the river.) They appear to be made for holding a fire, but I've never seen them used.

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Stair Reflection

The Passage is part of the Trail of Tears, located downtown next to the Aquarium. There is a metal ceiling over part of it which reflects the stairs below.


L is for Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain watches over the night lights of Chattanooga.

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April Theme Day: Pedestrians Crossing

Even on a rainy Easter Sunday, there were people out traversing the plaza and visiting the Tennessee Aquarium.

Today is the first day of April, which means Theme Day in the City Daily Photo community. Check out interpretations of Pedestrians Crossing from around the world click here.