Sunset on Volkswagen

This is not a "pretty" picture, but rather industrial. Volkswagen recently brought production to the US with this plant. They manufacture the Passat here. If you're into cars then you might know that the Passat is Motor Trend's 2012 car of the year. If you're not into cars, but watch TV, then you might have caught the little Darth Vader commercial advertising this car.

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Rachel said...

I like the golden light on one side and blue tone on the other! - My husband was shopping for a Passat for me before we got a Camry. I am bummed about not having one now that I recently found out that it is what all the cool hipsters drive. - Have fun at your photography class! I hope that you have a really nice teacher. Mine yelled at me for not have the f-stop numbers memorized. Sheesh! I still don't have them memorized. - You are going to do so well; you already have such a handle on interesting compositions. I can't wait to see your projects!