Local Olympics?

No, this was just the last day of Chattanooga Junior Rowing's summer camp. CJR is a rowing club for 14-18 year olds and they hold a six-week summer camp to teach the basics. Rowing is a year round sport, with competitions being held in the spring and fall and training in the summer and winter. I am learning a lot about this sport since my middle daughter has recently taken it up. That's her in the very middle of the boat.
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*I just got a job (Yay, me!) and will probably not be updating this blog as frequently. As a result I've changed the header to reflect that this is now a "Nearly Daily Photo" site.


Ed said...

Nice image that works well in B&W. Good luck with the new job. I'll look forward to the nearly daily photos.

'Tsuki said...

I hope they won gold with all those majestic efforts !

Mary said...

Very nice..ha hehhehe...love the rowers on lake.