Stick Ball on Ross's Landing

Ross's Landing was the original name of Chattanooga, when it was a Cherokee trading post. Now Ross's Landing is a park along the riverfront downtown. This metal mural depicts the Native Americans playing stickball. You can enlarge the plaque below to read about how serious these games were.


Rachel said...

Wow! I didn't know that stick ball could be so violent! And that is a cool story about the star sisters. How did they know that star was there if you can only see it by telescope? Weird.

Rachel said...

Hey, Meghan! here is a link to a manual camera cheat sheet that I found the other day. I really like it because of the colors. LOL! But I also like it because it makes sense out of all the settings on one page. http://www.bitrebels.com/geek/manual-photography-the-ultimate-cheat-sheet/
I still don't have the f stops and shutter speeds memorized, even though my photography teacher once yelled at me for not knowing the f stops. Ha! So you will really be ahead of the game by memorizing those!